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company days out for big and small companies, outdoor and themed company events, doors open days.

Both big and small companies with a positive company culture gladly organize various company events for their employees. Such events are always a good opportunity to get together, meet with others, educate youself and relax. These inter-company events are very important because the staff could find a new work motivation there, develop and improve their Work-Life-Balance and have an unique chance to get to know their colleagues better.

Company events can be of various focus and they don’t have to be for employees only. Very popular are for example Doors Open Days in the company building or Open days outside of the company’s grounds. Your company can use such events to present to the public, to show your product portfolio or acquaint people with your work procedures. Company events organized by us can look for instance like this:

Company events for employees:

  • Outdoor company events are very popular and in some firms they are even integral part of their company culture. Usually the events not only check people’s fitness but also teach them how to work in teams. We like to prepare the events with certified instructors who are very experienced and will perfectly plan a particular activities throughout a day and make sure that all the safety rules are kept as well. The instructor would train the participants and explain everything thoroughly so there would not be any chance of trouble or injury.
  • Themed company events – You don’t need to prepare an outdoor company event to have some fun. Quite the contrary! For all participants a themed company event would be surely much more interensting and fun. Who wouldn’t want to experience a movie star themed afternoon, go to a trip and be fake ambushed, feel like a Star Trek character at least for a while or hunt a boar and think about whether to have it with cabbage or briar sauce. That’s how some of the company events organized by us look like.

Other events:

  • Introducing your company to the public – Introduce your company to general public in so called Open Days or during a Doors Open Days. Show whatever only your employees had a chance to see so far! Maybe you will be surprised how many positive reactions you would get and how much this could help you in communication with local citizens. For every company acceptance by locals is very important to create a friendly atmosphere for your employees to feel good.
  • Roadshow – If you need to introduce your services and products also outside the town you are located in, then you will appreciate a special travelling event – roadshow. If your customers don’t come to you, you need to go to them. Remember, people need to notice you so your business would run well.

If you have some special demand for your own company event or day out or you wish to organize other interesting activities, ask us. No obligation. Our company events are custom, we provide all the details of your day, themed program, personal protection, catering or secure children’s corner. With our help you will enjoy your company event without worries.

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