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Czech Republic

We are members

AEF – association of exhibition companies

AEF was founded in 1994 as a professional, consensual and open association of member subjects working in a field of producing and building trade fair exhibitions and expositions. AEF is a member of International Federation of Exhibition Services IFES uniting companies and national associations.



We are members

Confederation of Industry of the czech republic – representing those who create value

Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic is a voluntary non-political and non-governmental organization that brings together employers and entreprises in Czech Republic. It represents the major part of Czech industry and transport, creates optimal conditions for business development in Czech Republic as well as on European and international level.




We are members

IFES - International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services

IFES was founded in 1985 with the aim to improve all the services available for exhibitors on a top international level. It is a global organization that joins and roofs especially national associations from individual countires but also single companies who work in a field of expositions, congresses and trade fairs production.



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