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As a succesfull company with a tradition more than twenty years long we are well aware of our social responsibility to our country and society, in which we do business as well as live. We feel obliged to help where our help is needed because we know very well that no company works due to its economic relations only – that is without a necessary connection to the whole complex environment.

Every year we carefully choose projects that we intend to support financially or materially and we check thoroughly if they meet all the social attributes. Recently we have participated for example in creating job opportunities for disabled people, helping handicapped children in Jedlička Institute in Prague or supporting local elementary school in Šestajovice.

In projects sponsored by our company we care about the help to be well addressed, not taken advantage of and aimed to the places where it is needed the most. That means to children, seniors and disabled people who are dependent on other people’s help.

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In case you want to ask or consult something with Noncommittal inquiry, contact us on the telephone number +420 777 55 99 33 or through a contact form below.

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