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Organizing a professional congress or exhibition is a demanding matter that requires a range of professional experiences. We have gradually gained these experiences from top experts in our field, both domestically and internationally. Presently, we offer our clients comprehensive services, starting from initial space planning to attendee accommodations.

Our company was founded with a vision to bring people, ideas, and innovations together in one place. Our goal isn't merely to host events. We aim to create an environment where ideas converge, new projects take shape, and relationships are forged. Our congresses are more than gatherings; they are places where the world changes.

Congress Management

Managing congresses is typically a complex technical and organizational matter that involves various activities. Whether you're organizing a congress for tens, hundreds, or thousands of participants, ensuring reliable audiovisual equipment, appropriately dividing the space, and potentially designing and constructing suitable exhibition booths for congress partners are necessary each time. Additionally, there's a need to handle several other tasks specific to the particular event.

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We provide comprehensive technical support for accompanying exhibitions at congresses and conferences.

Our services include:

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Exhibition space layout, preparation, and mapping

The layout and preparation of exhibition spaces are critical aspects of a successful exhibition. During the layout process, available spaces are analysed with an emphasis on effective utilization for presenting exhibits and visual connections. The preparation involves detailed mapping of exhibit placements and other elements to create a clear and secure layout for visitors. Overall, proper layout and planning are key to an attractive and comprehensible exhibition.

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Preparation and compilation of an exhibitor manual with organizational instructions for exhibitors

This manual provides detailed information and instructions that facilitate exhibitors' successful participation in the event. It contains practical information such as schedules, logistics, rules, and procedures that exhibitors need to know for the smooth execution of their participation. The preparation of this manual is a crucial tool for effective communication between organizers and exhibitors, contributing to the success of the entire event.

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Preparation and processing of PDF or online order forms according to the event venue

When preparing and processing order forms for events, it's crucial to ensure the necessary services according to the venue. This process ensures that exhibitors have access to essential resources for successful participation. Forms should include items for ordering electricity connections, internet, cleaning services, security, and other necessary aspects. These forms can either be in PDF format for manual download and completion or online forms allowing electronic submission. This preparation facilitates communication between organizers and exhibitors, ultimately contributing to the smooth running of the event.

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Construction of Systematic and Atypical Exhibition Stands

Ensuring the construction of systematic and atypical exhibition stands involves overall organization and realization of stand structures for exhibition purposes. Systematic stands are usually standardized and can be easily assembled using standard elements. Conversely, atypical stands are individually designed and built according to specific exhibitor requirements and design.

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Backwall Construction

Backwall construction, with or without backlighting, involves organizing and executing structures that serve as backgrounds for presentations at various events, trade shows, or exhibitions. Backwalls can be either standard, unlit structures or may include lighting for additional visual effect.

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Furniture and Audiovisual Equipment Rental and Provision

Furniture and audiovisual equipment rental and provision are key services in organizing events, trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions. This service encompasses the entire process from selecting suitable furniture and technical equipment to its delivery, installation, and subsequent dismantling.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Construction and Equipment of Registrations, Registration Areas, Meeting Rooms, Internet Cafés, Lounge Areas

Your event should not only be efficient but also comfortable and professional. We are here to help you create the ideal environment. We provide complete construction and equipment not only for registration areas but also for meeting rooms, internet cafes, and lounge areas.

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Poster and Pin Board Rental

We offer a wide range of boards tailored to your needs:

  • System Boards: Modern and versatile for presenting posters and information. Easy to handle and elegant in design.
  • Carpet Boards: Stylish solutions for creating a cosy atmosphere while offering practical space for attaching materials.
  • Cork Boards: Creative and natural choices for your presentations. Ideal for adding a personal touch to information.

What Sets Us Apart from Others?

Our main priority is to provide our clients with the best possible service. With this goal in mind, we've built a team of experts with the skills and knowledge necessary to make each congress unique and unforgettable. We collaborate with a wide range of clients, including companies, non-profit organizations, and government institutions, and we are proud to have become a partner for many of them.

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Modern congress or exhibition management requires professionally designed and secure registration. We offer comprehensive solutions from design to implementation, all while adhering to safety standards. Registration will be equipped not only with functional furniture, technologies, and aesthetic details like floral decorations but also an intuitive navigation system to facilitate visitors' orientation.

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Internet café

Internet facilities for conference or exhibition participants are an essential part of any event. For this purpose, we either utilize existing premises at the conference venue, which we equip with suitable furniture and missing internet connections, or we build entirely separate spaces. Often, this facility also serves as a quiet working space for journalists, known as a 'press room'. If we construct the internet café at a trade show or exhibition, we handle the complete implementation, including graphic design, construction, water and power supply, internet connection, coffee machines, computers, selected furniture, floral decorations, and branding of the stand.

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Projection Walls

In the current era, any significant conference practically requires projection walls. They find their application at corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, concerts, and similar events. Considering the room size, auditorium size, and projection distance is crucial when choosing a suitable projection wall. Before each conference, we carefully survey and design the space, proposing a tailored solution for the event to fulfil all necessary requirements. Careful preparation prevents disappointment for both the client and conference attendees, as the projection area is where the attention of hundreds or thousands of people concentrates, making its proper placement and seamless functioning significantly impact the event's success.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Hall Construction

Assembling halls or lighter party tents isn't only useful for exhibitions but has also proven suitable for sporting events, parties, or seminars. Our mobile shelters can be relatively quickly assembled or disassembled. Organizers gain necessary covered space, not just for bad weather protection or shade, but also for safety and property protection. We deliver, set up, dismantle, and remove the halls or party tents, so the client doesn't have to worry. For exhibition stands, we offer personalized branding options to enhance brand visibility. Adding innovative advertising elements like banners of various shapes and sizes ensures your space is memorable.

If you're looking for a partner to organize a congress or exhibition, one with extensive experience, a passion for innovation, and a desire to collaborate for success, don't hesitate to contact us. We're prepared to help realize your visions and make your congress an unforgettable experience for all participants.

With us, you can be assured that every detail of your exhibition will be carefully considered and professionally executed.

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Exposale - CZ is a direct supplier of exhibition stands with its own carpentry and locksmith workshops, along with ample storage space.

Our company is a member of:

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  • AVF – Association of Exhibition Companies
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