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In our company, we don't believe in ordinary houses - we believe in homes that are as unique as you are. Imagine a home that is built around your dreams and needs, where every module and every detail has its rightful place in your life.

Our modular homes are not just structures; they are living spaces full of flexibility and elegance. With our team of designers and construction experts, we offer you the opportunity to create a home that respects your uniqueness and adapts to your life changes.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

We bring you not just a roof over your head but a place where stories are born, where you find peace and comfort. Your future begins here, with our modular homes that blend modern design, energy efficiency, and a personal touch.

Take a step toward your new home at, where a new life begins.

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Exposale - CZ is a direct supplier of exhibition stands with its own carpentry and locksmith workshops, along with ample storage space.

Our company is a member of:

  • IFES – Internationa Federation of Exhibition and Event Services
  • AVF – Association of Exhibition Companies
We hold ISO 9001:2015 certification.