Realization of exhibitions

Realization of expositions, exhibition stands, trade fair stands all over Europe

Our main activity is realization of custom trade fair expositions. That means we do everything from the design and manufacturing to building. We also prepare exhibition stands for congresses, expositions and other events depending on demands and requirements of our customer. Our advantage is that we have our own joiner and locksmith workshop and enough storage space so we can make all the parts for the stands ourselves. Orders are then faster, there are no misunderstandings or delays in the whole process because we communicate with the customers directly without third parties.

We don’t implement expositions only within the Czech republic. Quite the contrary. We have enough experience with international trade fairs and exhibitions which we participated in with stands for Czech as well as international customers. We work hard to meet our clients‘ demands so the exposition would perfectly represent their business and appeal to the right target group of visitors.

We offer

  • to help you choose the right fair
  • to arrange your attendance at the trade fair
  • to design your exhibit
  • to manufacture, transport and build
  • to store it for you

Why to choose EXPOSALE

  • we have a solid place to work
  • we like a positive customer-centric aproach
  • we are highly experienced
  • we work all over Europe
  • we have business partners all over the world

Basic offer – realization of system expositions

We offer basic system expositions and exhibition stands that we build with one of the most popular exhibition systems called ISOGON. Based on many years of experience we know how to build a very interesting, appealing and non-standard exposition even with this basic material. To build an atypical stand with basic materials requires not only creative approach but also a lot of experience.

Realization of above-standard and atypical expositions

For demanding clients we implement special exhibitions and stands that meet all client’s requirements but also make it possible for us to be more creative. In such cases we are not limited by a material, size or function. The only limit for our creativity with above-standard and atypical expositions is meeting the budget.

Roofed and open outdoor expositions

In the wide range of expositions types we won’t forget to mention outdoor expositions. Roofed as well as open outdoor exhibitions and stands can be designed in many forms ranging from only bordering your exhibit to grand designs using all the outdoor space that immediately catches the visitors’ eye and let them know there is something extraordinary to see.

Graphic design – trade fair expositions and exhibition stands in 3D design

Our work starts with perfect graphic design. It is always an interesting challenge for us to understand and design client’s requirements and include all details in quality 3D design of an exposition or exhibition stand. As soon as the client is satisfied and approves the design we immediately begin with realization.

DTP service

Our DTP studio doesn’t specialize only in design of expositions. We prepare other graphic designs too. We offer graphic design of all types, digital and offset print of business cards, envelopes, headed papers, flyers, cash receipts, catalogues, magazines, brochures, postcards and other advertising materials.

We also offer wide-format print of posters, banners, billboards, cut graphics, die cut vinyl stickers for cars, shop windows and so on. We print on all kinds of promotional items according to our client’s demands. Do you need something that you didn’t find here? Call or email us, we will be happy to help you.

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Noncommittal inquiry, questions

In case you want to ask or consult something with Noncommittal inquiry, contact us on the telephone number +420 777 55 99 33 or through a contact form below.

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