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Designs and Implementation of Exhibition Stands

Our services are synonymous with quality, 100% commitment, innovation, and professionalism. Tell us your ideas, and we will transform them into a reality that captivates and appeals to every visitor!

At the heart of Exposale is a team of talented professionals that has been bringing unique exhibition stands to life around the world for 30 years. Thanks to our team, we technically and production-wise handle projects of any scale and complexity, always emphasizing the individual needs and desires of our clients.

Our specialization lies in the complete implementation of turnkey exhibition stands. Behind our implementations always stands an original idea, which is the most valuable offering we can provide to our clients at the start of our collaboration. Constructing a trade show booth can be managed by a skilled carpenter, but conceiving and designing a successful exhibition stand, which considers the client's requirements and cleverly integrates a creative idea with essential trade show and psychological principles, demands specialized corporate know-how.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

How Collaboration Unfolds

At the start of every collaboration, there's a graphic design – a 3D visualization of the exhibition stand. Thanks to the graphic design, the client gains a three-dimensional understanding of the final implementation, allowing them to review and provide feedback. Only when the client is entirely satisfied and in agreement with the design can we begin the production process, meticulous manufacturing, assembly, subsequent dismantling, and storage in our warehouses for further implementation.

As mentioned, our advantage lies in our in-house production and storage area, enabling us to fully meet all requirements. Our production capacity includes a large and modernly equipped carpentry workshop, locksmith's shop, extensive furniture storage, and more.

Our Achievements Know No Bounds

In the Czech Republic and across Europe, we routinely execute exhibition stands using our own resources, giving us thorough knowledge of all major exhibition venues in Europe. For other continents, we rely on our long-standing and tested partners. It's an absolute certainty that an experienced production worker is always present at the site of implementation, leading the entire project and fully available to you.

Types of Exhibitions and Their Application

The goal of trade show exhibits is to engage and "draw in" visitors.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor exhibitions offer a controlled environment, precise lighting, and tranquillity for a detailed presentation of your product.

Outdoor exhibitions, on the other hand, bring the dynamism of natural light, greater dimensional flexibility, and the opportunity to showcase larger exhibits.

While indoor exhibits may boast refined designs, outdoor exhibits appeal with their size and unlimited possibilities. It's entirely up to you what story you want to tell your clients.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Ground Level or Multi-level?

These types of exhibitions are predominantly based on the needs and preferences of our clients. Multi-level exhibits are ideal for those seeking more space for negotiation rooms, extensive exhibition backgrounds, or even cafes or bars. With our certified construction, it's possible to build a floor area of up to 500 m². This solution allows maximizing the value of the investment in exhibition spaces and simultaneously making a significant and professional impression on exhibition visitors.

On the other hand, ground-level exhibits offer accessibility and compactness.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Atypical or Systematic?

Atypical trade show exhibits are manufactured directly in our workshops, where we combine carpentry and locksmith work with the artistry of electricians and creative processing by our graphic designers. These are exhibits with interiors tailored to fit – from unique negotiation spaces to stylish bars, all complemented by quality air conditioning to make your space as comfortable and attractive as possible.

Our goal is to create a visual experience that highlights your brand and captivates your potential clients.

Conversely, systematic exhibits, using the proven ISOGON system, offer strength, simplicity, and the ability to create creative shapes. It's a blend of economy and high aesthetics, creating an ideal platform for presenting your brand.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Small or Large?

A small exhibit is concentrated and efficient, ideal for targeted presentations of specific products. Although it has limited space, the right design can transform it into a strong, captivating element. On the other hand, a large exhibit offers space for presenting a wide portfolio and allows the creation of various interaction zones. Its visually striking nature is suitable for prominent brands at trade shows. Choosing between them should reflect the specific needs and goals of your brand.

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Congress Solutions

In the field of congress marketing, stands represent an excellent tool for effective communication with potential clients or partners. The goal is to attract visitors, establish connections, and promote the brand.

Are you contemplating which exhibit would be right for you? Contact us, and we'll gladly advise you on your selection.

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Exposale - CZ is a direct supplier of exhibition stands with its own carpentry and locksmith workshops, along with ample storage space.

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