Atypical expositions

Výstavní expozice - Exposale

Every atypical trade fair exhibition always means a challenge for us. Past trends in show industry were large and heavy exhibits which maybe matched a financial possibilities of a client but hardly satisfied visitors who wanted to see modern and trendy presentations.

The most recent trend is to work creatively, lightly and to catch one’s eye with a good idea and grace. Such expositions also have to correspond with the aim of exhibitor and his desired message to visitors. We always prefer an original idea, modern technology and quality materials to large and heavy constructions, because the former says much more about exhibitor’s prestige than the latter. It comes from our long experience that we are sure a good idea and wit attract visitors more than cold large exhibit where people are not so enthusiastic to enter and often feel lost inside. To get the right visitors’ attention and to make them come to your desk excited and curious is what a trade fair from our perspective should be about. That is the only way to make your exposition and business successful.

Our biggest effort is to use a given space as well as we can according to our client’s wishes and demands and to get them to complete satisfaction.


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Exposale - CZ is a direct supplier of exhibition stands with its own carpentry and locksmith workshops, along with ample storage space.

Our company is a member of:

  • IFES – Internationa Federation of Exhibition and Event Services
  • AVF – Association of Exhibition Companies
We hold ISO 9001:2015 certification.